Pamper Royal Day Spa

Royal treatment is defined as a very elaborate and attentive treatment towards someone, treatment suitable for very important people.

We believe that one does not need to be a “royal” to be treated like royalty as everyone is inherently a royal around those who love and appreciate them.

We embrace not only the spirit of ubuntu but we add a pinch of African royalty treatment in the mix. We have general African values entrenched in our services where “kgosi ke kgosi ka setshaba”, or simply “umuntu ngu muntu nga bantu”. 


About Us

Our Spa treatments are about caring for the self, moments of meditation, caring for your skin, getting a break, showing love and appreciation.

Visiting our spa will change the way you have been thinking about service in general and will leave you with positive impression that will leave lasting memories in you.

Our serene atmosphere accompanied by professional and the royal deserving service, this is a perfect place to relax and reconnect with yourself with absolute refreshing and therapeutic treatments.

Be it  full body massage you are looking for after a long week at work, a beautiful treatment before a special moment, taking the edge off, celebrating  an event, spoiling yourself and others, we cater for all. Facials, Sports massages, pre-natal massages, post natal massages, pressure point massages, nails, ndi bala ntoni naa?  

These varieties of services are offered with passion, compassion, emotions and care so that you achieve the inner peace you came for.

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